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Care to keep


With the proper care, you actively help add longevity to your products. Get tips on protecting, caring for, cleaning and storing - All factors that can alter your product.

Repair & afterlife
If your product needs repairs, we can help advise you on how to mend it. If it is impossible to save your product because it is worn out or too damaged, we can advise you on how to dispose of the parts correctly. Often some parts can be recycled and upcycled, which is very good for the environment.


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Precious pieces

Jewellery care

With the proper care, your jewellery shine and its appearance will last longer.

Precious metals and natural materials will change over time, but we've gathered some tips on how to care for your jewellery and keep them for many years.

Jewellery care guide


Leather care

Everyday occurrences such as aging, sunlight, humidity and general wear can change your leather products.

Much like your own skin, leather needs to be moisturized and cared for to prevent it drying out or cracking. Proper care will help prevent this happening and protect your leather products for many years forward.

Leather care guide

Silk / Linen

Scarf care

Too much wash will eventually wear out the fibres, but the reality is that it is sometimes necessary. Dry cleaning or airing will always be the best option to treat your scarf and the environment. Learn more about how to best care for your silk/linen fibre scarf here.

Scarf care guide


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