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Book a private shopping experience or meet hymness at fairs around Denmark.

BOOK: Private Shopping

Denmark, Sjælland or Online (Danish, English):

Host a private shopping event with Hymness - Virtual or at our place. 
Invite 12-20 ladies - friends, family, colleagues or network. 
You will get a brief introduction highlight. If you chose a virtuel event, I will demonstrate different stylings on me or other models. Both versions works really well depending on your preferences and type of event.

  • Private shopping experience
  • Styling the products
  • How to care for your products
  • Competitions
  • Special deals on the event

BOOK: Talk'n'Shop event

Denmark, Sjælland or Online (Danish, English):

Invite your customers to an event, starting with introducing the brand and ending with optional shopping. Talk'n'Shop events are a great way to sense the products and meet the person behind the ideas by hosting an inspirational event for your customers.

Whether an independent shop or a group, you can tailor this event to your needs and wishings. Book an event with me, the founder of Hymness, or with like-minded talking about a relevant subject like:

  • Entrepreneurial journey, failures and successes 
  • Hymness and Co. - Talk about 'differences with a mutual motivation'
  • Inspirational look into a product journey - How to make a Hymness bag, Materials, choices and compromises
  • Your idea or wish for a subject

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