Care Guide scarfs

Keep your scarfs in the best condition possible, by providing it with the proper care. 

Too much wash will eventually wear out the fibres, but the reality is that it is sometimes necessary. In general, you should avoid washing your scarf too often. Both your scarf and the environment will benefit from this. Below is few steps on how to care for your scarfs with wash and alternatives to washing.



How to wash your linen/silk scarf 
Wash in cold or lukewarm water, separately from other items, with gentle, PH-neutral soap. After wash, dry flat on a towel or dry hanging in the fresh air.

The linen fibre will make your scarf wrinkle after wash, but you can iron on low heat, minding the silk fibre. 

The characteristic uneven structure that originates from the handmade processes makes each piece unique. No scarf is the same. The linen fibre is machine-spun, but the Eri Silk is handspun, which leaves the yarn with natural bumps.

Never pull the yarn bump, as it will leave visible marks on the weave. Instead, gently cut off the unwanted bulge with a small scissor.

The scarf will naturally get softer when you start using it. Your body temperature will soften the fibres. 

A scarf made of natural fibres will naturally get softer as soon you'll start wearing it. Your body temperature will help soften the fibres.




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