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Unboxing Hymness

Circular, reusable & recyclable packaging.

The joy of unboxing a purchase is a part of the experience when shopping on, the official brand shop. Every order is packed with a personal note and wrapped responsibly using circular, reusable and recyclable packaging.

We pack all orders in the most suitable packaging without unnecessary free space. In other words, we ship your order in the packaging that best fits the product's dimension - And always wrapped responsibly!

Customers with orders shipped to Denmark can choose RE-ZIP's reusable and circular emballage.



1: Chose RE-ZIP
Choose to add RE-ZIP when you add a product to your the shopping cart.

2: Receive your order in RE-ZIP
Next you'll just have to wait to receive your order from Hymness in a RE-ZIP bag or box. This will depend on the items in your order.

3: Flat-pack and Scan RE-ZIP
Follow instructions on the packaging on how to flatpack and send back. Download RE-ZIP's app, and scan with your phone. Drop-off your emballage in your nearest check-point. Use RE-ZIP's app to find check points around you.

4: Receive you discount
When the returning RE-ZIP packaging has been scanned and dropped off, you will see your discount voucher to use on in your RE-ZIP APP.

5: Get your 10% discount
Use your 1% Off discount code next time you shop at - Again and again if you choose a RE-ZIP packaging.

If your order will not fit into our RE-ZIP bag or boxes, we will chose a different responsible packaging. However you will still get your discount and get refunded your RE-ZIP cost before we ship the order.


♻️ Currently Hymness only offer RE-ZIP's circular packaging to orders shipped to Denmark, and soon also UK. We hope that RE-ZIP will soon be available for more countries.


Tell your brand's story through images.

Hymness Packaging

Orders are packed in in flat-packed FSC-certified boxes or you can choose to have your order sent in one of RE-ZIP's reusable packaging.

Acid-free Paper

Your order is wrapped in acid-free, FSC® Certificeret tissue paper.

‘Acid free’ means that the paper’s pH is 7.0 or higher, which makes it alkaline. This kind of paper has less chemical agents involved in the manufacturing process, which makes it a more environmentally friendly option.

The benefits of using acid free paper in your packaging is that it offers good protection, with the reassurance of not staining your items.

💚 Click the link to see how an order is packed. This example is of packing a scarf, which will vary from product to product.

View >> Wrapping a scarf

Eco-Jewellery boxes

When you buy a jewellery from Hymness, it is sent in a eco-box. In this case it means that it has been made 70% of FSC® certified materials - a FSC® mix product.

These boxes are used as safe wrapping when sending the jewellery to you. Read more about how to store and care for your jewellery in Hymness Care Guides.

Learn more about FSC®


Hymness Branding

Your order is packed with a THANK YOU note and information on how to care for your product. When you buy one of Hymness' bags, you will get a small note with specific details about your new product.

The notes are printed in the studio on recycled paper recovered from the local print house deadstock. This way, we have full flexibility on what to print without keeping a stock of all our notes!

All material printed outside the studio must be from a responsible printing facility. Most of our print is managed by

A Hymness bag is not just a bag - It is made with eco-consciously sourced materials & crafted in an independent workshop, supporting social economy and entrepreneurship.



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