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Recycled Silver & Gold

Precious metals

Recycled 925 Sterling silver
Hymness' are made with recycled 925 Sterling silver. All silver is recycled in Portugal and 100% nickel-free, following strict Portuguese laws and hallmarking.

18k Gold plating
As standard, I use recycled 18k gold with 2.5+ microns gold plating, which meets the standard of Gold Vermeil. Basically, this means that the jewellery has a precious metal cast or core and an 18 karats gold-plating above 2.5-micron gold layers.

Antioxidant layer
In December 2021, I introduced an antioxidant coating on my jewellery - a new standard feature on all gold-plated and silver pieces. The coating prevents the precious metal pieces from oxidating, keeping their bright appearance and helping your product's longevity.

All products are unique. Find specific information under each design.


Vegetable-tanned leather

The leather items are made with Chrome-free tanning, which means that a hide is converted to soft and supple leather using vegetable tannin extracts without chromium or other harmful chemicals.  

The fiber of humanity

Eri silk

Eri-Silk comes from caterpillars found in Northeast India and is often referred to as the fabric of peace because the silk is processed without killing the moths. When the moths leave their cocoon, it is harvested to be spun into durable, soft fibers. 


100% Cashmere

Hymness Cashmere scarfs are handmade in a women's workshop in Nepal. Hymness' supplier of cashmere scarfs is certified by the Good Cashmere Standard (GCS), which focuses on the welfare of the cashmere goats.

Cashmere wool is well known for its excellent characteristics. It is breathable, warmer than wool, and helps maintain your natural body temperature, meaning it will keep you warm but not hot, making it the perfect all-year-round scarf. 


The linen fibers used in Hymness scarfs are sourced, processed by the skilled artisans weaving the scarfs. There is s significant difference in the products made by artisans and big factories. The methods might seem the same but, the craftsmanship is unmistakable more authentic. The linen is sourced from 'Grameen societies' in the Western part of India.

Linen fabric is made from flax fibers and is one of the most expensive and sought-after plant-based fabrics, and it is self-evident because of its many good properties and qualities. Linen is strong, highly absorbent, and in its natural form antiallergic.

Bag lining

BCI Cotton

Currently Hymness' bags are lined with Herb-dyed, BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certified cotton. 

Recycled from ocean plast

YKK Zippers

If the zipper doesn't work - the product doesn't work! The zipper is, without a doubt, a vital part of any bag. All Hymness bags are made with reliable zippers from Ykk natulon®, renowned for their high-quality and durable zippers. Natulon® is Ykk's sustainable line, with zip tape made from ocean-claimed plastic bottles.



All hardware is 100% nickel-free. This is a high priority in the making of Hymness products to avoid allergenic reactions. 


Embellage & packaging

Your order is shipped responsibly, using either a recycled flat-packed box or in a Re-Zip bag. The items are wrapped in acid-free silk paper and complemented with a responsible made flyer. 🌱  It's the small details that matter. 

If you receive your order in a Re-Zip bag or recycled box, it depends on the order size and type. The aim is to protect the order and avoid unnecessary volume and unused space.

Save and reuse your Re-zip bag or box. You can use it next time you send a parcel. It makes good sense to reuse!


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