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Mila Linen-Silk Scarf - Hymness
Mila Scarf - Hymness
Mila Linen-Silk Scarf - Hymness

Mila Scarf Squared

Linen-Silk | Handwoven



Mila scarf is designed in a timeless minimalistic Scandi-check tartan, in a mix of the un-dyed off-white and black herb-dyed threads. The blend of silk and linen leaves you with a soft and structured scarf. First, you will experience the classic feel of linen, but as soon as you start wearing the scarf, you will feel the softness of the Eri-silk, which has woollen features - unlike other silks.

The authentic structure from the handspun linen and silk fibres, adds soul and makes each piece unique - And sensing the hands that have made this scarf, which has been handwoven by Authorized Indian artisans.

Working with artisans, supports traditional handcrafts and the social economy, in rural areas. All fibres used are government-supported projects, securing a minimum income for local farmers.


Composition: 70% Linen, 30% Eri Silk. 


Natural white from fibres + Black herb dyed for strip


Size: 105 x 105 cm


AHO: Small Independant & Entrepreneurial Leather workshop, New Delhi, India.

Independant certified weavers have crafted these scarfs, from spinning fibers to weaving.

AHO and Hymness started our journey together. Aho shares the vision for making better products, growing his workshop on transparency and craftmanship. All materials listed are documented in the process of building a transparent process.

Product Care

How to wash your linen/silk scarf 
Wash in cold or lukewarm water, separately from other items, with gentle, PH-neutral soap. After wash, dry flat on a towel or dry hanging in the fresh air.

The linen fibre will make your scarf wrinkle after wash, but you can iron on low heat, minding the silk fibre. 

The characteristic uneven structure that originates from the handmade processes makes each piece unique. No scarf is the same. The linen fibre is machine-spun, but the Eri Silk is handspun, which leaves the yarn with natural bumps.

Never pull the yarn bump, as it will leave visible marks on the weave. Instead, gently cut off the unwanted bulge with a small scissor.

The scarf will naturally get softer when you start using it. Your body temperature will soften the fibres. 

A scarf made of natural fibres will naturally get softer as soon you'll start wearing it. Your body temperature will help soften the fibres.


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Mila Scarf Squared

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