HYMNESS means the celebration of the feminine, which is synonymous with our intuition and senses. Look beyond genders and what meets the eye to discover Authenticity - The DNA of each HYMNESS design origins from curiosity, integrity and understanding the symbiosis of processes. 

Meet the founder & designer

"...Hymness Studio is my manifestation of creating designs from a personal universe - Combining years of experience making fashion with a vision of uniting passion for creating with meaningful and positive actions, surrounded by good people - The core of every HYMNESS product. 

All the models in the HYMNESS range are modern and boast a sophisticated-edge, timeless-contemporary design. Experience and curiosity are essential for making conscious choices and perfecting the balance between function, aesthetics and positive impacts. However, 'perfection' is not the goal - the goal is to be authentic and transparent and to learn from the mistakes we make along the way. The mission is never to stop - Standing still means going backwards. 

My designs are downloads of intuition - a highway of new ideas and concepts are constantly in line, waiting to be refined and realized into my Scandi-hybrid universe..." 


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