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The moods of Hymness Studio

The moods of Hymness Studio

Moods of the north

Hymness Studio is a Danish niche brand that designs bags, jewellery and accessories, balancing timeless and contemporary elements. The style can best be characterized as fNordic minimalism with an urban edge, a deep love for natural materials and premium qualities, combining graphic lines, bold accents and crafty details.

My Hymness-universe is free-spirited, with tones and inspirations from Nordic electronic vibes, which I tend to find myself in when I am in my creative zone. Founding Hymness have been like a personal unboxing experience, unpacking and releasing my curiosity and urge for creating.

Nordic hues
Hues and dramatic changes in seasons of the north are something that I feel and sense in every fibre of my body. This 'dance' of darkness and light has an enormous effect on our minds and bodies, which can feel like a rollercoaster - from melancholy to euphoric.

The north is a repeating wave of light and dark, with long summer days where the sun never seems to set and endless winters when the light retreats and covers the north in a blanket of shadows. 


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oxidized jewelry hymness studio denmark


The dramatic seasonal change takes us on a journey over and over again, allowing us to explore both our lights and our shadows - it's a perfect opportunity to dive deep into the core of our self. If we could just surrender to the flow of the seasons instead of following a monotonic path. Without highs and lows, how do we get to know who we are?

I get deeply taken and inspired by feelings, moods, seasonal changes of illumination. Take the northern light as an example. The colors are bright and add an accent to the natural hues and darkness. It's poetic, and no wonder why there are so many successful melancholy sing song-a-song-writers from the north. And this is something I often listen to when going into creative mode.



I float in and out of the seasons' moods, which all have their effect and influence on my designs and colours.
I love a balanced color palette, matching my nordic earthy and monochromatic color base. With this can't deny my love for graphic accents with an urban touch. You'll undoubtedly find me in a more radiant mood in spring and summer when nature reveals its colourful hues. With bags,

Hymness universe is inspired by the Nordic Ying Yang - Seasonal changes in colors and moods that continuously affect everyone who lives here. It is in our bones.


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