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Conscious philosophy

My Flow
I drop my collections in my own flow. Basically, this means that I don't follow the strict deadlines and conventional seasonal collections - or seasonal sales that usually follow each season, for that matter. Building an agile setup is the key to handling how we buy, sell, live, and think. And it is easy for me to state this because I have chosen a structure that has made me independent. Simply because I don't believe fixed seasonal collections are the future. With online shops, we can meet our customers directly online and learn about their wishes - no middle man to assume what they like. And I love this connection! Meeting humans face-to-face will always be number 1, but this is the second-best.  

Being a small brand running an eco-conscious business is complex and comes with endless compromises balancing survival and visions. I have learned that passion, curiosity, and an open mind are the key to making this happen. A seasonless structure allows me to grow and produce on a scale that keeps my stock at a minimum. And even small brands producing small quantities have stock - even if you have a pre-order concept. 

The balance is to avoid making too many pieces that will eventually end up as deadstock. Overproduction is caused by too many seasonal drops, including numerous new development samples, canceled styles, and collections, leading to unnecessary resources. Another perspective is the quality of the products being made. 


The 'Sustainable' jungle
Generally the 'sustainable-vibe' has gone off track, and the essentials are forgotten. We are all busy pointing fingers and claiming we are sustainable, but the truth is that we are not! The truth is that we are all on a sustainable journey, learning how to step up our methods because actions have consequences. We must be curious about 'tomorrow'. We must accept that we fail to gain new experiences. It is really not the time to be holy, and who does it best. 

The word 'Sustainable' is like a picture. It tells us thousands of words that resonate differently with each of us. Like a headline, it indicates the topic without revealing how and why. So really its is a hollow word without connecting it with facts. And let's just be honest - There are no black and white when discussing sustainability. 

Personally, the word sustainability really split my mind in half. It is crucial, and I think it is a super exciting topic with much to explore. On the other hand, It can be stressful to constantly see how brands and people claim to be Co2 neutral or sustainable. First of all - No one can be Co2 neutral. Period! However, we can compensate for the Co2 we use and improve our footprint. That's a fact. I would love it if brands, small and big, would level with the customers and admit they are on a journey instead of sounding perfect, pointing fingers at systems or others. 


Shopping local and conscious
I wish to inspire people to shop more consciously, whether it is on sale or not - it doesn't really matter. Everyone likes a good offer. The sale itself is not a sinner - it is the number of sales we could do a culture change on. But we do need to learn to be more conscious of the products we choose. 

Shopping local and from small entrepreneurs keeps the diversity alive and helps support local activities - bringing life back to small societies. 

It's really sad when small towns die out. We need to re-create thriving communities and businesses back - out in small cities, out where we can breathe, without being stuck in the everyday traffic and stressing about getting home in time to collect the kids. I really hope that we are moving towards a new normal allowing more focus on living in the NOW, re-creating small communities without the need for constantly rushing through life. 


What yoga has taught me... Stay on your own mat! Meaning- change yourself before changing others. Starting with the (wo)man in the mirror. Take one step and see where it takes you... If it feels good, then take another!  😎 🐛 🦋 🌱 🌏 🚲 

And Namaste to that 🖤




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