Behind the design Kiera Wallet

Behind the design Kiera Wallet

Keira leather wallet was one of my 'first-born' styles and has been popular from the beginning due to its practical size and soft quilted design.

My approach is improving my designs and constantly working on refining details and materials. Keira Wallet is no exception! The first version is Keira - the future version I've named Freya, featuring and upgrading in LWG tannery from audited to gold, my Hymness ring puller and an extra centre compartment.

Freya is a nordic name, a tribute tomy Scandinavian heritage.


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Kiera Leather Wallet

Timeless & Contemporary

Keira wallet was one of the first designs and has been a part of the brand DNA from the beginning. Along the way, it has been refined, but I have kept its graphic and puffy design.

Originally it was a part of my first collection called Panels. This collection embraced the zeitgeist features, focusing on puffy and quilted details. However, these contemporary details have been integrated into a timeless design.

The soft puffy panel design adds a tactile and comfortable hand feel. And the size will fit most bag sizes and pockets. You will be surprised how much will fit into this small wallet.

Reliable details

Safe & Zipped

From experience, we know that some things can not be compromised. It's a fact that Ykk has some of the most used zippers worldwide because of its durable and flexible zippers.

This wallet has metal zippers from Ykk's sustainable line NATULON®, which means the zippers are sustainable and made from recycled materials such as ocean-sourced plastic. 



Vegetable-tanned leather gets its unique character and wooden tones from the natural ingredients. Based on geography and traditions, every tannery has its own formula of vegetable extracts for vegetable tanning and is free of listed harmful chemicals as chromium and acids.

The durable leather will grow a natural and unique patina over time, making it shinier and darkening the color. On black colors, you will experience a more saturated and deep black.

Product care

Care to keep

If you wish to keep your leather wallet vibrant and soft, you must avoid unnecessary exposure to water, sunlight and treat it with leather balm.

Everyday occurrences such as aging, sunlight, humidity, and general wear can change your leather products. Much like your own skin, leather needs to be moisturized and cared for to prevent it from drying out or cracking. 

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