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Hero by Ahlgreen

Hero by Ahlgreen is a Danish apparel up-coming brand, delivering premium quality basic styles in unisex-fit. The vision is to bring 'Positive Luxury' pieces to the market based on the 'Less is more' mindset.


Qualities to keep

Hero uses qualities that will stand the test of washing machines and provide you with a garment that will keep its appearance and luxurious touch. No fake feel-good after treatments to cover poor quality - It's all real!

You will only find a small capsule collection, as the mission is to supply a limited high-end basics collection in a uni-sex fit that fits most people - it all comes down to choosing the right size. Behind Hero by Ahlgreen stands the entrepreneurial Rikke Ahlgreen. The woman and activist for communicating and inspire for responsible consumerism.


Shared mindset

Less is more. Fewer and better. Quality over quantity. All visions of a shared holistic mindset of Hero by Ahlgreen and Hymness, and the reason for our co-lab online and on events.

Hero by Ahlgreen

Rikke Ahlgreen Møller

Founder & Activist



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