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Minds of '90s

Stylish updates with '90s feel

The '90s was a mix and clash of styles, moods and tendencies that have returned in a 20s update. I can't stop feeling nostalgic about this, as the '90s is a throwback to my teens and a time of calibrating and defining myself, led by curiosity and naivety. I have been experimenting with different styles - from grunge to punk and goth, inspired by iconic artists and girl bands of the decade.

But I must also admit that I love the new modern take we see now. I love to see history repeat it self and how we interpret it with the zeitgeist.

Silver come-back

We have lived in a golden era - but the silver comeback challenges this look. The cold-cool sterling look is winning. Perhaps it's the classic aftermath of a crisis - using cheaper materials. And the truth is that silver is just that, compared to gold and gold-plated. Black rhodium silver brings more attitude and a tad more edge. It is an elevated look over shiny silver, both in expression and the cost of the precious rhodium.

I had my first black rhodium 'Beverly' necklace' in the '90s. Perhaps some of you remember. I only wore shiny or Black silver! I felt gold was for old ladies. Much has changed since, and today - for me, it is more about the type of design combined with gold, silver or black silver.

Black silver has not yet gained the same comeback or popularity as shiny silver - I see it more and more. The edge and power, even black rhodium silver, perfectly match the Hymness universe, which is deeply inspired by the seasonal shift of the north - 'My' Scandinavia, balancing light and darkness, masculine and feminine - Embracing all seasons, within and outside our selves.

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