Responsible Made

Every Hymness piece is designed to transcend seasons,
balancing timeless and contemporary with longevity in mind.


The leather used for Hymness products comes from LWG certified tanneries. LWG is short for 'Leather Working Group'. It means that the tanneries are bound to follow strict environmental compliances given by The Leather Working Group (LWG). 

My selection of vegetable-tanned leathers is full-grain premium leathers that have undergone a metal-free tanning process. 

Leather Story
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Recycling comes with both pros and cons. Keeping in mind that the recycling process uses energy too and is often more costly. However, recycling means reusing resources. Every design has its own story to tell and a unique blend of elements. Whether biodegradable, recycled, made to last, made without toxic chemicals, or supporting local communities, Hymness is created from the heart by me and skilled craftsmen and women. 



Avoiding harmful chemicals is generally common sense. This means no nickel, no toxic chemicals such as heavy metals, chromium, azo, acids, ect.

Latest on beating the chemicals - Hymness leather items are made using eco-glue. 

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Recycled or Biodegradable 

Hymness designs are made in local workshops by skilled craftsmen and women specializing in their craft. Supporting local workshops means supporting a local community who are all doing the same or supporting handwork, creating a circular economy and jobs within the community.

Hymness products are made for You - by people, with families, friends, hopes and dreams - Just like You and me!

Making fashion follows a commitment and responsibility
for changing old habits into meaningful and conscious processes.