About Hymness, brand story and brand dna.

Created with a holistic mindset on how to treat our planet and the people. Hymness Studio is all about making great designs from the heart...


Hymness was founded by Danish designer Stina Birthe in 2020 and was started as a side-project while working as a freelancer, supporting Scandinavian brands with design and developments. 

The idea behind Hymness was to combine design and craftsmanship in an agile and responsible setup. With a holistic mindset on how to treat our planet and the people around us, Hymness is all about creating from the heart... 

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"On my journey, being a trustworthy and responsible brand, I gradually implement sustainable materials and approaches whenever possible. This means compromising and patience - While focusing on quality and timeless design. Typically I start a design process by knowing my materials. It is essential to know my assets before going into creative mode. 

Implementing meaningful processes is key, but working with sustainability in the supply chain is complexed. Using the word 'sustainability' means nothing without telling 'what' or 'how.' So my mission is, and has always been, asking questions, digging deeper, and learning by doing.

This is not about being perfect but all about intuition and common sense. I have checked in on this mission, curious, open-minded, and committed to taking on the responsibility."

Stina Birthe, Founder


Hymness is a Danish jewelry & accessory brand with deep roots in a Scandinavian heritage for simplicity, practicality, and deep love for natural materials.

Led by intuition - Inspired by the world. The DNA of Hymness is intense and mysterious with a playful, urban edge, created with modern and independent women in mind. 

About Hymness, brand story and brand dna.
About Hymness, brand story and brand dna.


The selection of qualities is the result of knowledge and integrity. All steps from sourcing material, design and making, are made with an obsessive attention to details, aimed to create great pieces, that will last and are loved by you!



Every Hymness piece is designed to transcend seasons, balancing timeless and contemporary with longevity in mind.

About Hymness, brand story and brand dna.

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