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Care Guide Leather


The leather
Hymness studio's leather items are made with chrome-free vegetable tanned leathers, sourced from LWG certified tanneries. The method of vegetable tanning dates back to ancient times and produces beautifully aged leather that is soft, smooth, durable and strong. Renowned as one of the most environmental-friendly tanning methods, vegetable tanning is free of harsh chemicals, like chromium and acids. Instead, the vegetable tannins come from organic materials such as chestnut, oak and tree bark, producing its natural color and characteristic finish that just gets better with age. 


Vegetable tanned vs. vegan
While the names may sound similar, vegetable-tanned leather is not to be confused with vegan leather, which is not a real leather product, but an artificial produced-product.


Take care of your leather styles.
Everyday occurrences such as aging, sunlight, humidity and general wear can change your leather products.

Keep your leather items from getting wet. Water will dry-out the leather and leave your product with visible water-lines that are difficult to remove.

Much like your own skin, leather needs to be moisturized and cared for to prevent it drying out or cracking. Proper care will help prevent this happening and protect your leather products for many years forward.


How to clean and treat the leather
Even with proper care, your leather items will get dirty with regular use. Cleaning and conditioning your bag can prevent permanent damage.

1/ Clean: Do a quick cleaning to absorb dust, grease and unwanted moisture, by using a dry soft cloth.

2/ If needed use a soft slightly damp cloth to remove dirt that are not easily removed. (Do not use too much water – leather takes time to dry). Make sure the leather is 100% dry before applying leather balm.

3/ Apply leather balm in circular movements. Leave it for a short while, to absorb the leather before using.


Cleaning the cotton lining
Pull out the lining and use a wet cloth to remove dirt and spots. If necessary use a small drop of soap. The cloth must NOT be soaked wet. Make sure the cotton lining is 100% dry before putting it back into the leather bag.


How often should I treat my leather product?
"If you use the bag every day, we recommend you to clean and treat once every month. If it is more of a weekend bag or when you are heading out for special occasions every six months will be enough to keep your item protected."


To keep the shape of you leather bag, we recommend you to stuff it with newspaper, tissue paper or similar.

Make sure the stuffing is firm but that is does not stretch the seams of the bag. Store it in our breathable cotton dust bag. 

Avoid storing your leather item in a plastic bag or box, since these materials can trap damaging moisture in with the leather. 

Storing a wet leather bag can cause mildew and other serious damage. If your bag is damp from cleaning or from use, wait to store it until it's completely dry. 

If you bag has metal buckles, tags, or chains, be sure to wrap those pieces in tissue paper before you store the bag. This will keep the metal from pressing against the leather and leaving a mark.


Avoid heat & water
Moisture can quickly damage your leather handbag, leading to swelling and loss of shape. If possible, avoid using your leather bag on rainy or snowy days. If you get caught in the rain or accidentally splash water on your bag in the ladies' room, you can blot it dry with towels. Allow it to air dry the rest of the way on its own; do not use a hairdryer or clothes dryer.


Scratches are unavoidable on a daily basis. To treat scratches, rub the scratches gently with a small amount of the leather balm on a clean, dry cloth and leave to dry naturally, out of direct sunlight.


Marks and Stains
To remove dust, stains or dirt, first wipe down your leather item with a clean dry soft cloth. Next apply leather balm in circular movements. Make sure to treat all surfaces on the item.


Leather balm / Leather conditioner 
Our leather conditioner is made to nourish, preserve and protect your leather products. 

Made from 100% natural ingredients our leather conditioner can be used to spot clean scratches, marks and stains or to the entire leather product to protect it from daily use. For best results, always spot test a small, inconspicuous area of your leather product before applying the leather balm to your new product. 


Be aware that your leather styles will darken in the sunlight. Too much sunlight can dry out the leather and weaken over time.




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