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I Follow the moods of the seasons

Moods of the north


Hues and dramatic changes in seasons of the north are something that I feel and sense into every fiber of my body.

In summer, when the light and nights are everlasting, it is euphoric, heart-opening. I breathe the light deep into my lounges.

When the light retreats and covers the north in a blanket of shadows, The energy is melancholy, fragile, but beautiful. It's the ying-yang of the north. Like the moon touches us with its magnetic energies, so do the light and the darkness. 


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The dramatic seasonal change takes us on a journey over and over again, allowing us to explore both our lights and our shadows - it's a perfect opportunity to dive deep into the core of our soul. If we could just surrender to the flow of the seasons instead of following a monotonic path. Without highs and lows, how do we get to know who we are?

I get deeply taken and inspired by feelings, moods, seasonal changes of lumination. Take the northern light as an example. The colors are bright and add an accent to the natural hues and darkness. It's poetic, and no wonder why there are so many successful melancholy sing song-a-song-writers from the north. And this is something I often listen to when going into creative mode.


Stina Birthe Tolstrup Founder Hymness Studio Denmark


I often tend to find my inspiration in the shade of darkness, because it . Summer, light, and long summer nights - it's has a euphoric festival vibe to it. You can just go on and on. It is careless, easy, and fun. When we meet the fall and the long hours fade, we find the depth and intense feelings in the dark times. It is time to reflect and to explore, seeking deeper. We reconnect with the stars as they are more clear to us at this time of year. They fill us with a longing, and feeling of belonging. 


Hues of the north is my inspiration for hymness studio denmark



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