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Discover my jewellery designs and stories. I use recycled precious metals for all pieces made in my workshops in Portugal. Handmade pieces are made from precious metals I buy from a danish goldsmith. All pieces are hallmarked.

Botanica Collection

The pieces in my Botanica collection are inspired by the life and moods of nature.


Pearl-Diamond Collection

The shape of diamonds has inspired and enchanted humans for thousands of years, as has its purity and value. I am no exception.


Precious Collection

Beautiful Statement pieces in wavy design with graphic lines.


Style Box Collection

Be inspired by my selected style-boxes and set-boxes. This is for you who are looking for ready to pick styles.


Black Silver Collection

Discover all black rhodium plated jewellery pieces here.


Gold Plated Pieces

Discover all 18 karats gold plated jewellery pieces here.



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