Shaping tomorrow
Shaping tomorrow

Shaping tomorrow

My Flow
I drop my collections in my own flow. Basically, this means that I don't follow the conventional seasonal collections - or seasonal sales that usually follow each season, for that matter. Building an natural flow must be key, for how we buy, sell, live, and think. 

Being an entrepreneurial brand with eco-conscious ambitions is somehow complex and comes with endless compromises while balancing business, passion and visions. I walk this way because i am curious and because i want to re-paint the perspective of 'business as usual'...

I wish to build meaningful and conscious processes, and to understand how I can make a change in all of this. My vision is for creating Positive Luxury - Bringing timeless, fewer and better products into this world. Working with great people making great products. High ambitions i know... But I want it this way or not at all. My buzz is my curiosity for creating and building universes and products.


The 'Sustainable' jungle

The word 'Sustainable' is like a picture. It tells us thousands of words that resonate differently with each of us. Like a headline, it indicates the topic without revealing how and why. So really its is a hollow word without factual meaning.  And let's just be honest - There are no black and white when discussing 'sustainability'.  Real sustainability is to buy less and buy better, leaving other sustainable actions inferior - however not indifferent. 


I wish to inspire people to shop more consciously, whether it is on sale or not - it doesn't matter. Everyone likes a good deal. 'Sale' itself is not the sinner - It is the mentality of knowing that sale is dropping every month. A mentality that urgently needs to stop if we wish to change the status quo. Whatever happened to scarcity? And honestly - why should I buy a product at full price when the chance is that the same style is on sale somewhere online very soon, making way for the new drop? Something that affects the markup, leaving us to believe that we save a lot of money only to offer a 60-70% discount. Or simply by using cheaper materials and pushing suppliers - and in the end, the workers. Somebody has to pay for our convenience - The sad truth.

Ultimately, we are all humans, but I hope we stand up and face the changes we all need to embrace - Including me, as the unperfect human I am. We can not do it alone...


Consciousness also involves shopping locally, and small entrepreneurs keep the diversity alive and help support local activities - bringing life back to small societies.

I truly feel sad when small towns die out. We need to re-create thriving communities and businesses back - out in small cities, out where we can breathe, without being stuck in the everyday traffic and stressing about getting home in time to pick up the kids. It will not be 'business as usual', but a new way of bringing life to our small communities. Online and physical shops combined, Work communities, pop-ups, and events are proven theories. Nobody said it would be easy. Business is still challenging, so supporting small and local businesses is vital.



What yoga has taught me: Stay on your own mat, which basically means that change starts from the inside, and then go inspire the world with lights and visions. Starting with the (wo)man in the mirror. Take one step and see where it takes you... If it feels good, then take another!  😎 🐛 🦋 🌱 🌏 🚲 🙏

And Namaste to that 🖤




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