Transformation is to grow 🐛 🦋 Peganpoetry becomes Hymness

New name, New vibes - Same core!

In fall 2019, I started my first movement in making a brand. It was called Peganpoetry. It began as a side-project to my freelance job, but I soon realized that I wanted this project to grow. I started my journey on how to create a brand from scratch based only on my freelance income.
I needed to learn how to be the master of everything—the queen of my kingdom. I have fallen but always managed to get back on my feet - more decisive and determined than before!
I launched Peganpoetry in February 2020, just before the world PAUSED.

It made me realized that to grow - I needed to change. Since New Year, the re-launch has been in process, and lately, the final pieces fell into place. I pushed the button! Now a year later, I have spent the last year evolving my brand DNA and direction.
The name:
HYMNESS is a celebration of female empowerment, balancing masculine and feminine energies as a natural alignment.

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Peganpoetry will be transformed into Hymness. Same values and qualities, but with a more robust setup of suppliers and core!
Peganpoetry will be Hymness - Brand relaunch

My name is Stina Birthe - I am the founder of Peganpoetry - now called HYMNESS. I am also a mother, a wife, a free soul & and an independent WOMAN chasing my dreams!

stina birthe founder of hymness