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Pay it forward - Julemærkehjemmene

With Hymness Studio we donated a humble but important amount to Julemærkehjemmene in Denmark, supporting childrens selfworth. 

In my family we have been donating to 'Julemærke hjemmene' in three generations, and as long as I can remember. Supporting kids with low self-esteem is an essential topic to talk about - It is a tabu, which is much bigger than we realize. The children is our future ❤️ 

Julemærkehjemmene has its name from the traditional Christmas stamps who supported Julemærkehjemmene. For everyone outside Denmark, Julemærke-hjemmene can roughly be translated to 'the Christmas stamp homes.' 

Today sending a physical Christmas greeting is rare and replaced with electronic Christmas wishes. Still, you can choose to donate every time you send a parcel, and I have adapted this. Every time I send a package with Post Nord, Hymness Studio contributes a small amount to Julemærkehjemmene.

>> Learn more about Julemærkehjemmene 

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