Conscious sale philosophy

I drop my collections in my own flow - I don't produce for traditional collections, and I only have items for sale when they are leaving for good and not following the conventional 6+ seasonal sales. I aim to reward the people following me in the newsletter and social media - they are essential to the existence of Hymness Studio. So, the best deals are exclusive for my followers❣️


This sale is special to me, as I am clearing some of my favorite styles as a part of the brand name change. I'm making way for my new beginning with Hymness Studio, and this sale is a part of saying goodbye to my past with Peganpoetry. It is a part of my journey... 


Peganpoetry vegetable tanned black lamb leather bags and beige cashmere scarf.


Sustainability is complex - There is no black and white ! 
There is no black and white in this game. Being a small brand with a sustainable beating heart and running a business is complex and comes with endless compromises on surviving and still following your visions. The most important thing is to love what you do, keep fighting for what you believe in, be realistic, and never ever give up.

It is a natural part of a brand to have a stock, even for small brands producing small quantities, even if you have a pre-order concept. The issue here can be the size of the stock and the number of seasonal collections with fixed amounts of styles, new developments with numerous development samples, canceled styles and collections, supporting unnecessary overproduction, and unnecessary use of resources. Bla bla bla... 😎 📣

How to shop more consciously
With this said, I wish to inspire people to shop more consciously, especially when shopping on sale! Chose products made responsibly, ethically, and support local brands/shops. Shopping local and from small entrepreneurs keeps the diversity alive and helps support local activities - bringing life back to small societies. 

It really sucks when small towns die out. We need to re-create thriving communities and businesses back - out in small cities, out where we can breathe, without being stuck in the everyday traffic and stressing about getting home in time to collect the kids.

I really hope that we are moving towards a new normal allowing more focus on living in the NOW, re-creating small communities, without the need for constantly rushing through life. Feel the nowness 🖤